The Great Outdoors – Accessibility

Accessibility and the Great Outdoors project update

The Great Outdoors guidelines for accessibility were developed through extensive consultation and recently launched by IWA Sport and Sport Ireland. Through Dormant Accounts funding received from Sport Ireland, Cara has been tasked to coordinate the implementation phase of the Great Outdoors project in 2019. Johanne Murphy who has a wealth of experience as an architect and planning for accessibility alongside her project work in recent years of making watersports accessible for people with disabilities will consult and deliver on this phase of the project for Cara. The scope of the project for 2019 will cover the following areas;

Undertake an awareness drive to inform policymakers, managers, and those developing amenities in the great outdoors to have cognisance of these guidelines when planning and developing their facilities /outdoor environments.

Part of this awareness drive will comprise of training delivered to organisations such as Coillte, Waterways Ireland, National Parks Services, The Forestry Service, Local Authorities – (Designers / Architects / Planners), OPW etc.

If you would like to learn more about this project please feel free to contact Johanne Murphy or Michael Gilroy

The guidelines can be found at: or

Accessible Outdoors