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Active Healthy Me is a health and wellbeing programme delivered directly to people with disabilities in adult day service locations to build awareness and understanding of the health benefits of physical activity.

Developed in partnership with the HSE and supported by Sport Ireland, the aim of the programme is to increase the knowledge and understanding of people with disabilities on the importance and benefits of being physically active, living a healthy lifestyle and the opportunities that are available to participate within their local community. The programme also aims to enhance the engagement between service locations and service users and their local sports partnership connecting them to the local participation opportunities and supports that are available.

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Who is Active Healthy Me for?
Active healthy Me is for adults attending adult disability day service locations anywhere in Ireland.

Who delivers Active Healthy Me?
Active Healthy Me is delivered by staff within the registered day service locations.

When does Active Healthy Me begin?
You can begin delivering Active Healthy Me as soon as you have access to your account.

Where can Active Healthy Me be delivered?
Active Healthy Me can be delivered within your day service location or online. You can deliver Active Healthy Me at a time that suits you and your service users. The programme does not have to be completed within a certain time so work at a pace that suits your service users.

What The Programme Includes

The Active Healthy Me programme includes a series of six interactive eLearning modules with embedded resources and exercise video sessions. Each module highlights the benefits, impact and importance of exercise, being active, good nutrition, hydration alongside educating participants on where they can be active in their local community.

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What do Services get from ‘Active Healthy Me’?

  • Adult day service locations will receive the Active Healthy Me programme which contains unlimited access to 6 interactive eLearning modules with embedded resources and exercise video sessions. 
  • 2 staff members from your organisation will be provided with support to become programme leaders and will be given continued support from Active Disability Ireland and other adult day service location programme leaders.
  • Support from Active Disability Ireland throughout the delivery of the programme.
  • Unlimited access to movement plans and other helpful resources.


What do the Service Users get from participating in ‘Active Healthy Me’?

Each participant will receive:

  • Goal Setting Plans
  • Food and Physical Activity Pyramid Resources
  • Hydration Worksheets
  • Access to a bank of online exercise classes led by mixed ability tutors … and much more. 

Service Users will also receive a certificate upon completion of the programme. 

What Participants Say About The Programme …

“I enjoyed being able to be with some of my friends and talking about the weekly topic. We also got to participate in some new activities such as boxercise which I really enjoyed.”

“I really liked the exercise sessions in the Active Healthy Me program I liked them because they didn’t require any equipment to do the exercises and this reminded me that you don’t necessarily need any equipment to participate in exercise or physical activity.”

“I learnt how much water I should be drinking and what the portions of food on a plate should look like.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve completed the expression of interest form, what happens next?
Once the form is completed, a note will appear on your screen informing you of when your account will be created e.g. early February 2023. Around this date, you will receive an email informing you that your account has been created with a username and password. You will then have to reset your password. Once this is completed you will have access to the Active Healthy Me portal and you can begin your Active Healthy Me journey.

Who delivers Active Healthy Me?
Active Healthy Me is delivered by staff within your adult disability day service location. It can be delivered in-house or online via zoom.

When can I start delivering Active Healthy Me?
Once you receive an email stating your account has been created, you can access Active Healthy Me and start delivering the programme whenever suits you and your service users.

Does our service get equipment?
There is no equipment needed to deliver Active Healthy Me.

Where can I access my Facilitator Manual?
The facilitator manual can be found in the pre-resources section and will support you in your delivery of Active Healthy Me.

How many accounts does a disability day service location need to deliver Active Healthy Me?
One account per day service location is allocated. Ensure you take note of the account details so all who are delivering Active Healthy Me within this location can access the one account.

How do I navigate through the resources/modules?
You must complete each section before unlocking the next e.g. you must complete the pre-evaluation before unlocking the pre resources and you must complete module 1 in order to unlock module 2 etc.

Is there a cost?
No – Active Healthy Me is a free programme which can be delivered as many times as you like.

Do we need a gym facility?
Not at all! It is recommended to have adequate space when completing the exercise sessions. All the exercise videos and exercise resources within Active Healthy Me do not require any equipment.

Do we need training before delivering Active Healthy Me?
No – The modules are very clear and explained well and the exercises within the programme are fully guided with people with and without disabilities.

Will there be any training offered?
Yes training will be offered through Skills for Practice sessions.  The dates for these sessions will be communicated across to everyone participating in the programme.

Can I share my account with another service?
We kindly ask that you do not share your account outside of your own disability day service location.

Does my Local Sports Partnership know we are delivering this programme?
Active Disability Ireland will update Local Sports Partnerships and their Sports Inclusion Disability Officers of day service locations who are taking part in Active Healthy Me. We hope that this will assist in the development of relationships between LSPs and Disability Day Services.

Is there a way I can talk to other staff in services taking part in the programme?
There is a forum on the platform which you can use to communicate with other disability day services who are delivering the programme so please feel free to use as you wish.


How To Register

To register your Disability Day Service Location interest to participate in Active Healthy Me, please follow the steps below. 

  1. Complete the ‘Service Expression of Interest’ Form here.

    Expression of Interest Form
  2. Once you have completed the form you will see a message confirming your form submission. A member of the team will be in contact once your expression of interest form has been reviewed. In the meantime, please take the time to watch/read some of Active Disability Ireland’s ‘I’m In Too’ stories highlighting the impact sport and physical activity can have for people with disabilities.  Visit ‘I’m In Too’ page here.
  3. Upon review of your expression of interest form, an Active Disability Ireland staff member will contact you with a service pack which will include a licence to the Active Healthy Me portal and a Facilitators Manual which will support you in your Active Healthy Me journey.  

You can now deliver Active Healthy Me at a time and place that suits your service users.   


The ‘Active Healthy Me’ programme was developed by Active Disability Ireland in collaboration with the HSE and supported by Sport Ireland.

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