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Since launching Autism in Sport (Click Here for Details: Autism In Sport Workshops) during April 2018 ‘Autism Awareness Month’ April Cara in conjunction with Sport Ireland has coordinated the delivery of over 40 Autism in Sport workshops nationwide to the sports sector. Michael Gilroy, National Inclusion Manager stated ‘The feedback from attendees and organisations that have attended this workshop to date has been extremely positive, this workshop really delivers on what sport coaches need to know about including people who have autism into their sport, the demand for it is high with requests for new bookings continuing to come in on a weekly basis from sports clubs, local sports partnerships and national governing bodies of sport’. The following are just a few testimonials from people who have attended the workshop so far…..

‘The real-life scenarios used were very relative to our team and gave tips on how we can improve’

‘The passport is an excellent resource that will help coaches to really get to know the individual, I will definitely use this going forward with our club’

‘I believe this training is excellent for people who have not yet coached people with autism or any understanding of this condition’

‘I found this workshop very informative, it included plenty of tips and instruction on how to deal with some challenges that coaches and clubs can be faced with’

‘I particularly loved learning about the 8 senses, how they were explained and the impact that each one of them can have on an individual’

‘I was provided with so much more information and it gave me a great insight into autism and how to adapt the sport session to include all’

‘It was very interesting and made me think more about how certain situations could feel for a person with autism’

‘Learning about how social stories and the use of visual aids can help when coaching people with autism, the passport is also an excellent idea’

‘Not to underestimate a person with autism, they just think differently and are not less. The tutor was excellent and delivered the workshop in a great way – easy to understand and follow’

‘Very detailed workshop, both visual and practical providing great practical changes in which I can adapt within my role and to educate others also, open opinions and discussions were very helpful in learning new methods and skills’

‘Clear outline of autism and how to meet the needs of people on the spectrum. Easy to follow and yet comprehensive from a very knowledgeable tutor’

‘Loved the little sensory area at the side of the sports area and also loved the practical examples used in this workshop’

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