SIDO Profile – Shane Hayes

Shane Hayes is a Sports Inclusion Disability Officer with Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership since 2008

Shane Hayes - SIDO
Shane Hayes – SIDO




First of all, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I have been working as the SIDO with SSRP since the programme began in 2008. I would consider myself a sports addict and I am interested in all aspects of sport whether that is through work, coaching, participating or observing. I have two young children now so I look forward to giving them the opportunity to try out all the great sports opportunities available so they can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.  

 What motivated you to follow this career path? Was it always an area that you could see yourself being involved in professionally?

I was initially the Youth Sport Development Officer for about six years with SSRP when the role of the SIDO came up. I had never really thought about a career in Disability Sport or Inclusive Sport but I took up the position in 2008 and have enjoyed it immensely, learning a great deal as I develop in my role each year.

 What areas have you studied as part of your career development? (i.e. what did you study in college and what further training/upskilling have you undertaken since?)

I originally trained as a Physical Education teacher specialising in primary physical education in St Marys University College in London. I then went on to complete an MSc also at St Marys University in Health and Physical Activity and have been working with SSRP as a Development Officer since 2002. Through my work with SSRP I have been involved in ongoing professional development and training and have been trained as a tutor in a range of programmes including Buntus, Safeguarding, Disability Inclusion and Autism Awareness in Sport. I also hold coaching certificates in Soccer and Athletics.     

 What areas are you responsible for in your role as a Sport Inclusion Disability Officer & how long have you been in post?

Responsible for all categories and ages of disability and any programmes, vents, opportunities associated with those target groups. In post since 2008.

 What does a typical day look like for you in your role?

Wet and windy

 How do you link with Cara as part of your role as a Sport Inclusion Officer?

Mainly through training workshops and opportunities and more recently again through the national and regional network and meetings.

 How can Cara support you more in your role as Sport Inclusion Disability Officer?

Continued professional development in all aspects of sport, disability and inclusion and dissemination of all relevant information, regionally, nationally and internationally where possible.   Maybe some additional work could be done to engage both disability NGBS and non-disability NGBS and Officers to develop more quality, club based sustainable sports opportunities for people with disabilities. 

 What do you feel is the most enjoyable and rewarding part of your job?

Seeing real improvement in the lives of the participants and their families both physically, mentally and  socially.

 Is there one particular initiative/event that you have been involved in through your role that you look on with great pride and satisfaction?

Inclusive Indoor Athletics, such a wide range of abilities participating together and the kids absolutely love it.


How would you like to see yourself progressing within the job over the next five years?

More sustainable inclusive sports clubs catering for people with disabilities on a weekly/yearly basis

 Have you any ideas/initiatives that you would like to see developed over that time?

Club based initiatives linked to NBGS committed to inclusion like Football for All, Gym Able, Inclusive Archery, Wheelchair Basketball and Enjoy Tennis.