Seminar 2019 – Breakout Sessions



Breakout 1 – A. Sport

“Sport has the power to change a child’s world”

Presenter: Fiach Andrews (Badminton Ireland)
Facilitator: Mary O’Connor (Federation of Irish Sport)

Involvement in sport, from participation to high performance, has endless benefits for children and young people of any age. This session will discuss the current sports based opportunities for children and young people with disabilities, the challenges and successes, and what as a sector we need to do to create more opportunities for inclusion nationwide.


Breakout 1 – B. Physical Education

“Building the blocks to lifelong activity”

Presenter: Dr. Frances Murphy (St Patrick’s, DCU)
Facilitator: Dr. Sarah Meegan (Dublin City University)

Weekly physical education sessions are a fundamental element in every school’s curriculum. However quite often, children and young people may not have the adequate supports to fully access and participate in these sessions. This session will focus on the challenges that may arise, solutions that may assist with this, and what is required to make school based activities more inclusive to all children.


Breakout 2 – C. Recreation

“A family that plays together, stays together!”

Presenter: Matt Shields (Parkrun Ireland)
Facilitator: Tomás Aylward (Institute of Technology, Tralee)

The opportunity to take part in an activity as a family has many wonderful benefits for all family members. However, these opportunities can be few and far between when you have a child with a disability. This session will focus on the importance of creating such opportunities, the challenges associated, and what is required to create more family-based physical activities for all.


Breakout 2 – D. Engaging with children & Young People

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Facilitators: Kate Feeney (Cork LSP) and Caitriona Corr (Kilkenny LSP)

The importance of consulting with children and young people, and involving them in the decision making process on issues that apply directly with them is activity we should all consider regularly. This session will focus on why we should be all seeking the voices of children and young people, and provide you with some methods of how you can do this within your own setting.


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