Seminar 2019 – A Family That Plays

We are delighted to have Tomás Aylward facilitate a breakout session alongside Matt Shields at this year’s National Seminar for Inclusion

Breakout 2 – C. Recreation

“A family that plays together, stays together!”

Presenter: Matt Shields (Parkrun Ireland)
Facilitator: Tomás Aylward (Institute of Technology, Tralee)

Tomás Aylward is a lecturer in Adapted Physical Activity & Outdoor Education(OE) at the ITTralee. Tomás has been involved in different roles educating teachers, leaders and instructors for the Outdoors over the past three decades. He has been pioneering work to include young people with disabilities in OE for more than 12 years. In 2018, Tomás was awarded a Dobbin Atlantic Scholarship by the Ireland Canada Universities Foundation in recognition of his work and to further research on Inclusive Outdoor Recreation on both sides of the Atlantic.


Matt is a civil engineer by profession who retired from that profession in 2010. To keep himself engaged he indulged in his lifelong hobby of running by volunteering at parkrun. This has grown maybe a little beyond his expectations and in 2012 he became Parkrun Ireland country manager, a position he has fulfilled to present day.


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