Jodie O’Neill’s Story

This time 2 months ago Camp Abilities was drawing to a close. Take a read of Jodie’s story, one of the longstanding Campers, to see what being active means to her. This is her I’m In Too story.


Hi my name is Jodie O NeillJodie Im In Too

I am 14 years old and I’ve just finished my second year in secondary school I’m living in Limerick. I am visually impaired and I use a cane for mobility. I love socialising with my friends and going for walks. I don’t let my visual impairment hold me back because I am just as capable as anyone else.

I love horse riding it’s my favourite hobby. I go to Kerry most weekends and this is where I go horse riding on the beach. I feel such a sense of freedom when I am on a horse. There is no obstacles in my way and it is like the horse is my guide. I first began horse riding when I was 4. I’m not into playing any kind of sports. I have gone to Camp Abilities the past 5 years in a row. I absolutely love it. It gives me the chance to try different sports which are adapted for people with a visual impairment. I have formed some great friendships with people from camp over the years and I look forward to spending the week with them each year. Camp Abilities gives me the opportunity to try sports I would not be able to take part in outside of camp.

“I don’t let my visual impairment hold me back because I am just as capable as anyone else”

People think because someone is visually impaired it could be dangerous for them to try certain activities. I think if people were more educated about the persons disability there would be less obstacles in the way. I enjoy getting out and going for walks it helps clear my mind. I think it’s important to keep active it’s also good for your mental health. I don’t think being visually impaired should hold anyone back. Everyone has their own abilities it’s just finding out what they are and what makes you happy.