Jack Kavanagh

Pharmacist | Speaker | Facilitator  | Non Exec Director
In 2012 Jack Kavanagh suffered a life changing spinal cord injury leaving him with 15% muscle function, in the years since Jack has challenged the perceived limitations of his situation.  In 2014 Jack gave the acclaimed TEDx Talk “Fearless Like A Child, Overcoming Adversity” and in 2019 was awarded as one of “Ten Outstanding Young People Of The Year”. Jack has also received several international awards for his documentary Breaking Boundaries.
As a Pharmacist, Speaker and Facilitator Jack is passionate about the value of health & wellbeing as drivers for business performance coupled with cultivating diverse & inclusive environments where people belong and are valued.
Jack is host of the Only Human Podcast and sits on the board of directors of the National Disability Authority and Center for Excellence in Universal Design as well as leadership development organisation Common Purpose Ireland.