Active Disability Services Awards – Call For Entries

Entries are now open for the Active Disability Services Awards.

Closing Date is Friday 25th February 2022


About the Awards

The Active Disability Services Awards have been developed to recognise and reward Disability Services throughout Ireland who have shown leadership and commitment to helping people with disabilities stay active and healthy.  The awards will highlight the commitment of staff, management, and individuals with disabilities as well as highlighting the programmes which have a focus on encouraging and supporting service users to participate in physical activity and healthy practices.

During the global pandemic restrictions, creating opportunities to be active became a challenge.   In response, many disability services, and the people who work in this sector, adapted in how they delivered programmes for physical activity.  Online classes, outdoor activities and video calls became part of new routines.  Many of these have continued to be delivered, which has shown commitment from services to ensure physical activity remained an important part of the daily lives of people with disabilities.  We believe that these people and the programmes they deliver deserve recognition and should be awarded for their great work.

Being physically active at any level is hugely important to our health and wellbeing especially for people with disabilities.   Providing activities that encourage active and healthy lifestyles can greatly influence a persons mood, energy, happiness and overall wellbeing.


Awards Criteria

To be eligible to enter these awards, entrants must meet the following criteria:

• Services must be funded by the HSE and operate as an Adult Disability Day Care Service or Adult Disability Residential Care Service.
• Programmes must have been operating as part of the activity timetable within the service from 1st January 2020, whether online or in-person.
• Programmes must be delivered by staff members of the service, or have been delivered by an external contractor directly commissioned by the service.
• Programmes must have been a regular and reoccurring activity for services users.
• Programmes must have the potential to be repeated into the future.
• Individuals must have been employed by a service between the dates of 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2021.



Award Categories and Entry Form