Sport Inclusion Disability Charter Resources

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Please download the following to announce your commitment to this Charter.

To support you, here are some resources you may find helpful in implementing the goals of the Charter.

Disability Factsheets
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Tree factsheet
Inclusion Continuum
Inclusion Continuum

learn about the types of opportunities and choices you can provide in a range that goes from “fully segregated” to “fully integrated” activities.

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Inclusive Communications
Inclusive Communications
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Training Workshops

Active Disability Ireland coordinates, develops and delivers inclusive training and education workshops across the Sport, Fitness, Adventure and Education sectors. All our workshops are designed to equip participants with the knowledge, competence and skills necessary to include people with disabilities in sport and physical activity, and increase quality provision.  For full details of our training and Education workshops click below.

Training and Education Workshops

Club Resources

The Xcessible Club Toolkit is a guided resource that will empower clubs to positively and meaningfully provide opportunities for people with disabilities to take part in sport and physical activity at a local level. To download the Toolkit please click the link below.

Xcessible Club Toolkit

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