Terence McSweeney

“Terence has worked in special education and has been employed by Cope Foundation, formerly Cork Polio and General After Care Association. Cope foundation supports 2300 people with intellectual disability and autism in Cork city and county. Having worked as a physical education teacher there since 1979 and then as manager of Sports and Physical Activity since 2002, he has vast experience in this area

In recent years Terence has focused his attention to the design and implementation of a structured administrative system which supports the effective delivery of physical activity and sports supports for the individuals supported by Cope Foundation.

In doing so, he has worked closely with other organizations and especially the Sports Inclusion Disability Officer of Cork Sports Partnership in order to develop a dynamic, cohesive and forward thinking network of mainstream sports clubs, disability organizations, community agencies who together foster an environment where people of all abilities can increase their participation rates in and enjoyment from physical activity and sports.

Terence has a wonderful team of colleagues in the Physical Activity and Sports Dept. at Cope Foundation. Together and in line with latest social & government policies, they work every day to promote disability awareness, to increase the frequency with which meaningful  and inclusive physical activity and sports take place.”