Johnny Quaid

Johnny is a close friend of the organisation and is inspired by the work that they do. Johnny has reflected on the work that the organisation has done and often reflects and wishes that he was aware of their work when he first acquired his disability.

“I always say that it would have been so beneficial to me back in 2006, as a boy who acquired a life changing injury, if I know of their existence – it would have taken the initial blow of the unknown if I could turn to an organisation such as Active Disability Ireland and to lean on and help me get back on track”.

At the age of 17 Johnny had a workplace accident that resulted in a complete spinal injury. Since then he has been fortunate with the support and mindset that he has developed to ensure that the opportunities to continue to participate in sport and physical activity are still there for him. Johnny acknowledges that the support he needed in the early years of his disability weren’t always there and understands the importance of highlighting to others what is possible.

Johnny has excelled in his sporting ambitions over the last 17 years and has gone onto establish and captain the first wheelchair basketball senior team in Kerry. From 2008-2010 he represented Ireland at the World Pool Championships in Ireland and the UK and currently is an active hand cyclist.