Charlie Clay

Charlie is a first year student in Grange Post Primary school and a kid who just loves life and embraces his ASD diagnosis . From a young age, his mum Denise has taught him that it is good to be different. As well as surfing he loves to dance and play on his consoles in his free time and he leaves a lasting impression on anyone he meets.

Charlie was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was 6. As he was not a fan of team sports, Denise wanted Charlie to try something different, a sport without any pressure to compete and having heard about the amazing work that Liquid Therapy do she signed him up for his first surf lesson with Tom when he was 8… and he has never looked back. Every summer since then Charlie has taken part in the programs Liquid Therapy offer and this year they introduced a new sibling camp so his sister got to join him out on the water and it was just a  wonderful experience for them both.