Carol Brill

Carol Brill lives in Dublin with her young daughter. Since her diagnosis of Usher syndrome, she is an ardent patient advocate, working with many national and international charities and patient-led organisations for nearly 30 years.  Carol is a Founder and Chair Director of Usher Syndrome Ireland, a non-profit organisation dedicated to advocating for the unique needs of those living with Usher Syndrome along with the aim of increasing collaboration and research for a cure or treatment.  Usher syndrome is a rare genetic disease which causes the gradual deterioration in both sight and hearing.

Golf is Carol’s passion and has won international tournaments, with her most recent title as Scottish Disabled Golf’s British Open Stableford Champion.  Not only does she love to play golf, but she loves to champion golf as a sport for all, regardless of ability or disability.   She is proud to be the first ever Ambassador for Golf for Cara. She is a member of Stackstown Golf Club, and is on Golf Ireland’s National Committee for Disability and Inclusion.  She has been a committee member of Irish Blind Golf and is now looking forward to her role with World Blind Golf, a fully inclusive organisation to be launched in January 2022.