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About Fit For All

The 2021 Fit For All week took place from the 11th – 17th of October.  The national Fit For All week is aimed at increasing awareness among people with disabilities, their families/carers and disability services on the benefits of regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle and opportunities to participate in physical activity within the local community.

Fit For All also aims to increase awareness and build the capacity of leisure & fitness professionals in providing accessible programmes and facilities for people with disabilities in their local community.

As part of the Fit For All 2021 week we provided substantial equipment packs to Leisure Centres and Gyms who linked with their local Adult Disability Service as part of the week with a view to ensuring that physical activity can be enabled and supported following Fit For All week.

Why Take Part

  • To increase opportunities for people with disabilities in your community to enjoy fitness and physical activities.
  • To promote your fitness facility and programmes as inclusive of people with disabilities.
  • To increase the awareness of your staff in delivering inclusive fitness programmes.
  • To develop and establish local links with Adult Disability Services in your community.
  • To form a strong partnership with your Local Sports Partnership and Sport Inclusion Disability Officer.
  • To promote your facility and programmes to a National audience.


What you need to do:

  1. Register your Centre: Log onto our website and register your centre details and contact for the week.
  2. Connect with your Local Sports Partnership: Actively link with the Sport Inclusion Disability Officer within your LSP before, during and after the week to promote, develop and review your participation in Fit For All 2021.
  3. Connect with an Adult Disability Service in your local Community, who you will engage with during Fit For All week and support the Service users in fitness activities during and after Fit For All week.
  4. Sign the Sport Inclusion Disability Charter: As part of the 2021 programme all organisations & facilities participating in Fit For All must sign the Sport Inclusion Disability Charter to be eligible to receive an equipment pack. The charter can be signed through the following link:
  5. Promote: Work with your Local LSP & Sport Inclusion Disability Officer to promote their participation in Fit For All 2021 and link with local disability organisations and individuals within your county.
  6. Deliver: Participating centres  can review their current programmes with a view of promoting activities to people with disabilities or in the case where no suitable programmes exist review the possibilities of developing new activities. Activities may be delivered on site, or virtually.
  7. Feedback: Provide feedback through a survey to Active Disability Ireland on your experience of being involved in Fit For All 2021 and how it has impacted on your inclusive practice.


What do you get by taking part?


  • Certificate of participation to recognise your involvement in Fit For All 2021.
  • On-going support and resources from Active Disability Ireland to support your inclusive practice.
  • Access to Inclusive Fitness Training & Resources to upskill and support your staff.
  • Inclusive Fitness Equipment to encourage on-going participation programmes.
  • National promotion and recognition.

Registered Centres

View the full listing of centres

Active Disability Ireland Inclusive Fitness Resources

Active Disability Ireland has developed a number of Inclusive Fitness resources to empower exercise and fitness providers to create a positive environment for people with disabilities to enjoy exercise and physical activity within Leisure & Gym settings.


Access the Active Disability Ireland’s Inclusive Fitness Resources here

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