Conor – National Bike Week

My name is Conor. I am 11 years old and from Meath. I like exercising, playing hockey and swimming.

My brothers and friends can all cycle but I could not go with them. My mam heard about the Learn 2 Cycle programme so I along to try it out. I was nervous before it started but was happy to see others there too. I liked to see Noel (Cycling Instructor) coming with all of the bikes, and I got one too.  I was excited to meet Craig (TY student assistant). He helped me a lot. He helped me balance the first day. Thank you very much Craig, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Every day I was less nervous, but excited to meet the others and Craig. I loved being outside. On week 1 I used the stability bike and I liked that. Week 4 I feel like I was doing better, I was ready to get a bike of my own fro cycling at home. I liked seeing my progress; I though this is actually going to work!

My favourite part about it was being outside and doing laps. I like when Noel brought in all the bikes! I didn’t like when we had to go inside, I was distracted, and I didn’t like when it was all over.

I got my own bike for my birthday and I can now cycle with my brothers and my friends. I would love to hand out flyers so others can learn too! This is my time to shine and it is my yoke!

Conor took part in the Meath LSP Learn 2 Cycle Programme. The Learn 2 Cycle programme is aimed at assisting children with disabilities to learn to cycle independently.  This is a 6 week programme held once a week and led by a qualified Cycling Instructor from The Cycle Safety School.