Charter Story – Sensory Fun with Friends

We have engaged with many business within the community in order for our families to have family outings that typical families can enjoy.


Sensory Fun with Friends

Our Group is a parent voluntary non-profit disability group.


1. Openness

Be open to and understanding of all people with disabilities

Our Group is a parent voluntary non-profit disability group.


2. People

Access training for our staff/volunteers to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities


In the past year we have organised disability awareness talks in schools, working with our local Sports Inclusion Disability Officer, Lucy Cush. We also held

an in-service day disability workshop for 20 SNAs of 2 schools. In addition to these in June we invited our local business community to a disability awareness talk. We are also taking part in the “engaging the senses” symposium held by Helium and The Civic theatre where we will hold 2 disability awareness workshops.

Our group were made Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors by South Dublin County Council in recognition of the work of highlighting the importance of Selfcare for Carers.  We organise a week of Free selfcare workshops and stress Management Therapies which was funded by South Dublin County Council.




3. Activities

Develop and deliver inclusive activities

In regards to activities within the community we have made great drives of building rapport within the business community opening activities within the community for our families that have children with complex additional needs. We held tiny tot inclusive swimming lessons in Tallaght Sports complex for kids age 2-4 years, Additional Needs Swimming in Cheeverstown pool age 4-12 years and then an independent swimming in Tallaght Leisure Centre for children graduating from additional needs swim in a public swimming environment for kids age 10+. These pathway to independence has been very welcomed.


We’ve also adopted this pathway in our horse riding. We hold lessons with Fettercairn youth horse project- mini ponies age 2-6 years – involving stable management and the kids getting used to wearing their safety equipment them graduating to senior pony Lessons at age 6 years to mounting riding lessons. We also took the same approach in our sensory circuits and yoga classes over the summer.

We also have organised sensory friendly skating with South Dublin on Ice and sensory friendly Christmas Panto with the Civic Theatre and monthly sensory friendly screening of movies with our local IMC cinema.

We have engaged with many business within the community in order for our families to have family outings that typical families can enjoy.

We have partnered with the Civic Theatre and provided disability awareness training to their staff and provided feedback on sensory Friendly performances.  Families throughout Dublin can now enjoy a family Panto experience that is catered to children with disabilities




In addition to these initiatives we also through our teen Additional Needs Youth Club completed our first drop off summer camp. We ensured the teens had choice and enjoyed many activities including trying their hand of rock climbing. We worked hard organising an inclusive sensory friendly family Halloween fun day In our local park, Tymon Park.

We’ve also partnered with a local barbers to develop a monthly sensory Friendly Haircuts.  These welcome all children with disabilities and not just one particular diagnosis. All disabilities are welcome.

We’ve also partnered with our local park, Tymon Park to hold inclusive family fun days for Easter and Halloween. We held our 3rd Family Easter egg hunt this year and this Halloween we will hold our 2nd Halloween Pumpkin Patch Party.





4. Facilities

Review our facility/venues/equipment to make our organisation more accessible

We continue to work in the community to hold more accessible activities for them.










5. Promotion

Promote the inclusive nature of our activities, in a variety of formats

We have an active Facebook page promoting our activities.