Mei Lin Yap

Mei Lin Yap, I am 32 years old and has Down Syndrome.  She is an advocate and a voice for people with all disabilities. Mei Lin has written several articles for online magazine Frontline, Irish Voice of Intellectual Disabilities and is also the editor of Frontline’s social media sites. She enjoys public speaking and has been part of the Open Doors Initiative Launch in September 2018.  She is also employed by Trinity College Dublin as the Ambassador Liaison Officer at IDS-TILDA is a longitudinal study researching ageing in Ireland among people with an intellectual disability aged 40 and over.  Mei Lin says “My goal in life is to show the world what people with Down Syndrome can do. I like to challenge myself and push the boundaries. I hope to set an example that will encourage, inspire and challenge society to change their perspective in respect of disability.”